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- Our Custom Made Signs -

The first thing that you need to know is that Belmeade Signs designs, fabricates and ships all its custom signs right here from our studio in Connecticut. We do NOT "farm out" our signs. We are a true sign design and fabrication company.

To produce our custom wood signs, we use a combination of time-honored craftsmanship and modern technologies. It's a perfect marriage of artisanal handmade beauty and quick delivery time.
As we are all aware, preserving our natural resources and environment is paramount that is why we do use as much as possible recycled shipping materials, purchase our wood (pine, oak, maple) from a local saw mill that harvest in nearby forests (controlled cutting), do not use any harmfull chemicals in any ways and above all use and practice lean manufacturing in all our processes.

Two main types of signs:

1. Custom "CARVED" (3D letters) signs

Custom CARVED signs are made to last the test of time.  When letters are carved into the wood, the text is highly visible from various angles and can last for generations.  The making of a carved sign requires a more complex process thereby resulting in higher cost.  However, nothing says class and refinement like a custom carved sign . Carved wood sign detail

2. Custom "FLAT" (2D letters) signs

Custom FLAT signs can be a more affordable option for many.  Although we put great care into the fabrication of all of our signs at Belmeade Signs, applied lettering (whether it is painted or vinyl appliqué) can become faded and/or worn over time.  Visibility is a bit more limited on a flat sign, as well,  given that it cannot be read from a side angle.   Production, however, is quicker and more economical with this type signs.  Hand painted lettering and artwork custom sign

How to choose the right material for your sign:

As you decide for the text and colors for your sign, you might wonder what material do I need for my sign.

First thing to consider is where the sign will be located, is it indoor or outdoor ? If it is indoor, any of the materials (natural or synthetic) will do well. For outdoor application, it is a little different. For a wooden sign to be used outside, you may want to select between cypress, white oak or mahogany. PVC and HDU will do very well outdoor with the least amount of maintenance.

Check our "budget sign" page


Materials used:

  • Pine
  • Cypress (offers an extended life to the sign)
  • Mahogany
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • PVC (not recommended for hot climats)
  • HDU

Available Fonts:
We work with a variety of fonts to customize your sign.
Do not hesitate to request other fonts than the ones offered , we have many more !
Detail of a carved letter
  Carved letters detail


Techniques used:

  • Hand carving
  • Hand painting (All our signs are painted by hand using brushes and rollers of different sizes, no spray painting here !)
  • Gold leafing (23 1/2 karat gold leaf is used to assure everlasting shine to the lettering)
  • Computer Assisted Design (Allows us to conceptualize our signs)
  • Computer aided routing
  • Laser engraving


Farm sign all carved in cypress wood

Custom wood sign made of cypress. Black carved lettering.

Commercial sign
with message board

Custom school sign, double sided with anti-vandal message board

Where might you find our custom signs?

In a variety of places! Many of our customers are business owners , home owners, operate farms or stables. We encourage you to visit our custom sign gallery for more styles and ideas.

Our signs grace the doors of condominiums as well as in front of restaurants. You might be walking downtown and encounter one of our carved sidewalk signs showing a store's special sales or even above a stall door at a nearby equestrian center. As you can see, your imagination is the only limit! Visit our Portfolio

Where are you going to use yours?

If you love horses like we do, don't forget to ask about our great equine name plates and stable markers. We make horse name plates out of wood or HDU. You can mount them above the stall door . We also make general stable signage.

Sign Restoration:

Driving down the road, we so often see many signs that are in desperate need of care. At their time they were veritable works of art, but the years have worn away their beauty. Some no longer resemble signs, but appear to be a piece of wood hung with little purpose.

At Belmeade Signs, we believe in preservation and restoration for the next generations. That is why we would like to offer our services in bringing that old sign back to its original glory. Provide us with pictures of the piece you would like to get restored and we will give you an estimation of how much it will take to bring it back into service. If you like our quote, then ship the sign to us and we will give it a new life.


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