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1. STEP 1 Select the number of sides One-sided Two-sided

2. STEP 2 Select lettering style Carved (3D) Flat (2D)

3. STEP 3 Select where the sign will be mounted Indoor Outdoor

4. STEP 4 Select a pattern (Feel free to request other shape than shown, use STEP 13)
Custom sign pattern blazon Custom sign pattern circa Custom sign pattern pot belly Custom sign pattern plateau
Blazon Circa Pot belly Plateau
Custom sign pattern ellipse Custom sign pattern lofted ellipse Custom sign pattern district Custom sign pattern Napoleon
Ellipse Loft oval District Napoleon
Custom sign pattern double stone Custom sign pattern 19th cent Custom sign pattern top scroll Custom sign pattern fancy stone
Double Stone 19th Century Scroll top Fancy stone
Custom sign pattern bonbon Custom sign pattern classic
Bonbon Classic
My heart Camel Capped board Capped down


5. STEP 5 Select your sign size (General idea for us to quote)
Small Medium Large

--- OR enter specific dimensions below---

Width  (in) Length  (in)


6. STEP 6 Select your sign material ( Other wood types also available, request in STEP 13)
Maple wood sign   Pine wood sign   High Density Urethane sign   Oak wood sign  
Maple Pine HDU Oak
Cypress wood sign   MDO composite sign   PVC composite sign   Mahogany wood sign  
Cypress MDO PVC Mahogany


7. STEP 7 Select your sign background color -- (Specify other color in STEP 13) --

New England

Pine wood sign          

Natural finish


8. STEP 8 Do you want any artwork on the sign ?
(If Yes, Please specify what artwork in STEP 13)
Yes No

9. STEP 9 Select your sign font

Click here for more font choices and enter name in STEP 13

Junius std font French font Italic T font Copperplate font Romantic font
Junius std Chaucer Italic T Copperplate Cambria


10. STEP 10 Select your sign text color (Request other colors in STEP 13)




Silver leaf

Black White Reflective Gold leaf


11. STEP 11 Select a mounting for your sign



Eye screw Keyhole Strap Brace


12. STEP 12

Enter text to be carved on your sign
(if only one line, use Line 1)
Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4


13. STEP 13

Enter any comments or
special instructions


14. STEP 14 Enter your contact information
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15. STEP 15 Send your sign design to us by clicking on the "submit" button.
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