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- Our Budget Custom Signs -

    Our budget signs are equally cared for in their handcrafting as the carved products. The differences are that we use PVC, Medex or MDO (high grade outdoor plywood)as a base for the signs. The lettering is done with applied vinyl or is hand painted. In the end, you will receive a great product that will perform for many years, look beautiful and cost about 35% less.

    Materials used:

    • MDO
    • Medex
    • PVC

The look of a non carved
and carved sign

Budget signs

The differences

"non carved" sign:

The numbers are flat to the surface of the sign and are either painted or a special vinyl is applied to form the text.

Carved sign:

The numbers are carved in the material using a "V" bit or a hand chisel.


This type of custom sign is well suited for outdoor and indoor applications . Since all materials and finishes are outdoor grade, longevity and color retention will yield years of trouble free usage.

What will you be saving with a budget sign?

If you look at the above "833" sign example, a 12" x 8" elliptical sign, carved will cost $85.00. Now, with the same dimensions, the "non carved" version will only cost $55.00.

How to order a budget sign?

All you need to do is select "Flat (2D)" option in step 2 of the quotation form... It is that simple to get your budget sign started.




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